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Charming Multnomah Village Bungalow

It's a lazy, Saturday morning. You've got nothing on your schedule. After waking without the buzz of your alarm clock and enjoying that first morning stretch, you take your time getting ready for a leisurely walk through Multnomah Village. You stop into Grand Central Bakery for a warm cup of coffee, then head up the street after passing by Marco's Cafe. Your playful side comes out and you decide to peruse inside Thinker Toys. That's when your appetite kicks in, and you have a decision to make. Do you go for a custom omelette from Down to Earth Cafe? A warm cinnamon roll from Fat City? Head back down to Marco's for a delicious scramble? The options are tasty and plentiful in Multnomah Village. After you've satisfied your appetite you set out towards home. On the way back to your nest, Spring Garden Park comes into view. With nothing but time, you find yourself strolling up the park's pathway amidst the lush grass. The joy of children playing on the playground fills the air. Their laughter is accompanied by the sweet song of little birds to create a beautiful soundtrack you could spend the rest of your day listening to. With some deep, relaxing breaths you find yourself at peace. That's when you hear your home calling. It's time to finish your stroll and head back to the comfort of your charming Bungalow. You set your cup of loose leaf tea just made down on the coffee table, grab a blanket and spend your afternoon next to the fire while reading your favorite book.